One speech telephony platform for all your needs

Ozonetel Dhvani is a comprehensive speech suite designed to analyze and provide actionable inputs based on your customer communication conversations.

Reduce Agent Cost

Use speech recognition driven IVR flows for automated intuitive interaction with customers.

Improve Support

Identify callers using speaker verification. Perform quality assessment on agents using keyword spotting.

Delight customers

Design flows using gender recognition, keyword spotting and speaker identification to wow customers.

Simple but Powerful

Ozonetel Dhvani is a one stop shop for your speech needs. Its an ASR engine, Speaker verification engine,sentiment analysis system,speech based QA system all rolled into one. Click through on the different features to get a glimpse of its functionality

Center Customer Engagement Analytics

Ozonetel Customer Engagement Analytics solution provides detailed analytics and insights on every call centre agent’s conversation with customers. Key features of our solutions are:

✔Emotion rating to every conversation
✔Tentative Transcription
✔Keyword highlighting
✔Silence calculation on both sides(i.e. agents and customer)

Ozonetel Dhvani has integated Google SPEECH API, Use Kookoo API and start using Google Speech

"Kookoo", our cloud telephony platform, offers easy integration with Google’s speech API’s. Integrating Google Speech into your web-based calling solutions using our API’s is now a breeze.

Dial 040-30952027 and say something for a basic demo of the functionality”

Feel like trying out our speech recognition system? Just call any of the demo numbers for a live preview

+914030512850 Word Recognition

Test words: Airtel,vodafone,Aircel, Idea,Reliance

+914030512856 Keyword Recognition

Test Keywords: Welcome,Thank you,Good morning,Good Afternoon,Good Evening ,Good night,Good Bye,Nice day,Good day

Customers Experience

Lo Kar Lo Baat

Mobile Marketing Campaign for Active Wheel, a detergent product from HUL. Users connected – 13 million

“Lo Kar Lo Baat” was a mobile campaign for Active Wheel (a HUL Brand) designed to reach out to users across India. Our speech recognition system, in 19 dialects, was at the core of the campaign. Read More

Kan Khajura Tesan

“Mobile Marketing Campaign for HUL to reach media dark areas of the country. Users reached – 30 million”

Unilever, the consumer packaged goods major, used Ozonetel’s mobile marketing platform to run their award winning campaign ”Kan Khajura Tesan”. The speech recognition engine played a pivotal role in making the campaign more effective and user friendly. Read More